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Atlin’s approach to organisational change focuses on tailored strategies for business readiness and transformation. We ensure change is visible and integrated within the delivered solution. This is achieved through culturally appropriate, measurable outcomes that lead to benefits realisation.

We design and embed change programs with proven Organisational Change Management (OCM) strategies that integrate industry accepted methodologies. Atlin’s OCM toolkit, provides a scalable framework of change modules that can be executed at the relevant stage of the project lifecycle to implement effective change processes within each business area. The tailored outcomes ensure optimised stakeholder engagement to meet unique, site-specific, business readiness needs.

Delivering a close alignment between the technology, project and change streams of work ensures that the strategies and key project outcomes are cohesive at the team, project and program level. Understanding business goals and the proposed business benefits ensures realisation is managed and monitored beyond the project's lifespan.

Through extensive analysis, we determine key organisational change drivers to develop and enact changes to people, processes and technology within any business. We are experienced in assessing and understanding the local implementation characteristics and differences that must be considered to effectively implement change and transform organisations. The cultural differences that may exist between business areas and locations mean that Atlin's stakeholder engagement approach, to develop and support the local leaders and the change agent network, is critical to successful implementation.

Atlin's knowledge sharing and collaborative approach empowers our clients to effectively manage change and distinguish between OCM ‘enabling’ functions at the portfolio or program level and the ‘delivery’ functions for change work streams in each discrete project.  The OCM enabling functions include key performance indicators, OCM coordination, program level change risk management and business transformation functions.

Our services include:

  • OCM strategies & plans
  • Central and local OCM implementation
  • Building in-house change program capabilities
  • Business Transformation Services
  • Change Leadership Sponsorship
  • Learning & Development Services
  • Procedure development frameworks & delivery
  • Technical writing & authoring
  • Detailed Change Impact Assessments
  • Concurrent Change & Interdependency Analysis
  • Business Readiness

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) - Land Systems Division (LSD) Commodity Reform Program (CRP) & Sustainment Support/Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Atlin was the prime ‘above the line’ business transformation contractor engaged by Defence-CASG to Partner in transforming the inefficient and highly transactional Defence Commodity Supply Chain network.


Atlin played a key role in delivering the strategic vision for an agile, affordable, sustainable, and highly automated business solution for the acquisition and strategic management of Defence Commodities. Atlin has been embedded in the CRP program as a trusted partner directly responsible for:

  • Phase 1 – Program Initiation
  • Phase 2 – Program mobilisation
  • Phase 3 – Transition In
  • Phase 4 – Sustainment support and continuous improvement and innovation

As part of the Transition In phase, an assessment of the magnitude, profile and scope of change and impacts was conducted by Atlin. This identified the processes, roles and level of impact (low, medium, high) to feed the communication and stakeholder engagement approaches, identify training requirements and the business readiness needs.

Court Services Victoria

Case Management System

Atlin was engaged to provide Organisational Change Management (OCM) services to introduce a new a new Case Management System (CMS).  This was a joint initiative between Court Services Victoria, Magistrates' Court of Victoria and the Children's Court of Victoria. The CMS Project is a key element of their digital transformation journey, to address key findings from the Royal Commission into family violence.  The benefits will deliver greater automation of systems and processes and improve information sharing with authorised external agencies. The CMS is being delivered in six release cycles across court jurisdictions.


Atlin developed and implemented the change strategies and plans, including critical stakeholder engagement touchpoints for the first two major releases of the CMS, which included eDocs portal and Civil.  

The services delivered to support the implementation of these releases from 2019 to 2023 included:

  • Organisational change management
  • Change impact assessment and risk mitigation planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and analysis
  • Communication campaigns
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training design and delivery
  • Business readiness
  • Go live support
  • Continuous improvement

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